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Swing Love leather shoes behind the shoes story

The story of Swing Love went back to 2018 when Châu was seeking for a good pair of dance shoes, but she was too afraid of ordering online as her feet are unusual, or let's say "unique" 😉 Luckily, Hội An, where she lives, is the birthplace of many talented shoemakers in Việt Nam, so she decided to embark on the journey of finding a perfect pair for herself. It sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, doesn't it?

It is a fairy tale, indeed.

Because her life has changed since then. The fairy tale did not only have excitement and happiness but also countless days of research and many unsuccessful attempts. The idea of Swing Love was not until having the first satisfying pair of shoes for herself, and dancers friends started asking for shoe advice, then someone said: "I think you should start selling your shoes!" And it all got started like that. It was the last day of 2018. 

Swing Love behind the shoes our story

For the span of 2 years, Châu had a full-time job while seeking for Swing Love ideas. She learnt how to design shoes, how to make shoes, how to find reliable & sustainable supply sources. Of course, together with talented & experienced Hội An's shoemakers, Sỹ & Lực, who were very open-minded and eager to trying new things (or let's say, Châu's crazy ideas). 

Swing Love behind the shoes leather shoes bespoke leather shoes

They are now proud to say that every pair of Swing Love shoes are made with details and care. Swing Love's original idea was for Swing dancers but its excellent quality also caught non-dancers' eyes, and you now can see Swing Love shoes not only on the dance floor but also on the sunny streets. 

Swing out in Swing Love leather shoes

At Swing Love, it's all about authenticity, quality and sustainability. Their mission is to bring Hội An's craftsmanship to the world! By choosing Swing Love shoes, you are supporting the livelihoods of Hoi An's talented shoemakers and its long tradition. They make sure the shoemakers get paid by what they deserve with their incredible work.

Swing Love leather shoes leather outsole

"At Swing Love, it's all about authenticity, quality and sustainability."

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Email: hello@swing-love.com

PS: You might be wondering which dance that gives Châu so much inspiration, it's Swing dance, it's Lindy Hop, a joyful dance which was born in the African-American communities in Harlem, New York City. If you are also a Swing dancer, hope to swing out with you one day on the social dance floor!