Find Your Size

We are here to help you find the perfect fit for your Swing Love Shoes.

"But where's the size chart?" you may ask. We hear you! However, we do not provide a standard size chart because we understand that every foot is unique. Just like you, we believe in individuality, and that means there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to shoe sizing. That's the truth! 


Please follow Châu's easy instructional video "How to measure your happy feet" and you can get your own measurements at home in less than 5 minutes. Here is also another quick guide photo:

Swing Love Shoes how to measure your happy feet

If you're ordering boots, please refer to the D & E measurements in the photo instructions below:

Helpful Tips:

  1. The best time to measure your feet is in the evening since feet tend to swell throughout the day.
  2. Accurate measurements are crucial for us to handcraft the best shoes for you. Take this step carefully. If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to reach out to us.
  3. Don't forget to relax before you take the measurements. Have a cup of tea if it helps 😉
  4. Because the length of your feet (A) is very important, we ask you to double-check your foot length measurements by following these steps before sending us (A):
  • Stand up straight against a wall on a flat surface with your heels touching the wall.
  • Mark the furthest point of your toe on both feet.
  • Measure the distance between the wall and the mark at the tip of your toe. If possible, you can take a photo of the measurement and send it to us.


🌻 After obtaining your measurements, please ensure to send us the following information to our email at

  1. Both A, B, & C measurements (in cm) of each foot. And D, E for boots.
  2. Include a photo of your foot drawing.
  3. Include photos of your feet, taken from a top-down view, an outside angle view, and an inside angle view with your feet standing on the floor. Please ensure to stand straight while taking these photos to provide an accurate representation.
  4. Your regular shoe size/dance shoe size (e.g., US12 or EU 38).
  5. If you have any specific requirements (such as bunions or collapsed arches), please mention them in your email and include relevant photos for our reference.

It's best if customers collect all photos/information in one folder or upload them to a service like Google Drive or OneDrive for better organization and easier sharing.

This information is crucial for us to craft the perfect shoes tailored to your needs. Thank you for your cooperation!

Châu & The Swing Love Team.